'Why me? Why her?': Ex-girlfriend of Shakeira Rucker’s estranged husband tormented by woman's murder

Angel Milligan has been asking herself one question, over and over: Why? 

In particular, she wants to know why the man she briefly dated has been named a suspect in the murder of his estranged wife, Shakeira Rucker.

Cory Hill is accused of killing Rucker, whose body was found inside an Apopka storage unit over the weekend. Milligan said she only recently found out that Hill was married to Rucker, so she broke it off in September. 

On Nov. 11, Rucker was reported missing, last seen with Hill at a Polk County restaurant. A day later, authorities said Hill showed up at Milligan’s Orange County home and started shooting up the place, leaving bullet holes everywhere. 

"I want to ask him, ‘Why? Why me? Why her?’" said Milligan. "It's heartbreaking, not an easy feeling." 

On Saturday, someone reported a bad smell coming from a storage unit where Orange County sheriff's deputies discovered Rucker’s body. 


Orange County Sheriff John Mina said Hill is the only suspect in Rucker’s murder. Hill is already in the Orange County Jail following his arrest in the alleged shooting at Milligan's home on Nov. 12.

Milligan dated Hill for four months before separating in September. She said she never knew Hill had a criminal past

Hill was convicted of killing a man in Virginia decades ago, according to court records obtained by FOX 35 News. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison for second-degree murder and another two years for using a firearm in the commission of a felony. Court records show Hill found himself back in front of a judge three times in 2009, accused of assault and battery. 


Shakeira Rucker's estranged husband, Cory Hill, seen with Angel Milligan, whom investigators said Hill tried to kill on Nov. 12, 2023.

Knowing now that Hill is the suspect in Rucker's murder, Milligan said things could have turned out differently for her and considers herself very lucky to be alive.

"… just having flashbacks of what happened that day, what could have happened," said Milligan, who sees many similarities between herself and Rucker.

Like Rucker, she said she is a mother of four. She also said both were involved with Hill and found themselves in violent situations. 

Milligan said she has yet to return to her home. She said she is still too scared and doesn’t want her children to see the house with bullet holes. 

Hill remains in the Orange County Jail without bond.