Wife of El Faro crew member desperate to find husband's remains

Mildred Solar-Cortezis grieving the loss of her husband 51-year-old German Solar-Cortez, a crew member on the El Faro cargo ship that disappeared last month off the coast of the Bahamas during hurricane Joaquin.

Solar Cortez and 32 other crew members are all presumed dead

“I'd like to say goodbye to him so we can have closure, so we can move on with our life,” Solar-Cortez said.

On Monday the NTSB confirmed it found the wreckage.

“Since they found the ship, might as well bring our loved ones home, it doesn't matter what their situation is, it doesn't matter how they look but we just would like to say goodbye to them and give them a proper burial,” Solar-Cortez said. 

Tote Maritime which owns El Faro filed a complaint in U.S. district court Friday, to block families from filing lawsuits.

"There's two potential impacts of this filing, the first goal would be to exonerate the company completely, and say that they're not responsible for anything that these families have gone through, the second would be to limit the amount of liability to the value of the ship and cargo contained on board," said attorney Matt Morgan, who’s firm handle maritime cases.

Morgan says families could be forever barred from receiving their share if they don't act within a given time period to be set by a judge.

In a statement to fox 35 tote said, "Our focus remains on support and care for the families and their loved ones. We confirm that families have been contacted regarding compensation."

Legal matters aside, Solar-Cortez says she just wants a final resting place for her husband of 29 years.

“If they could just make the effort to recover the crew members body aside from the, we ask them to bring them home to us,” said Solar-Cortez.