Wife of Tavares mayor to remain in jail

Sharon Wolfe, wife of Tavares Mayor Robert Wolfe, remained in jail on Tuesday, charged with perjury and violation of probation.  Mayor Wolfe, who was was arrested May 7 on gun charges, is out of jail. 

Investigators say Sharon Wolfe went to them reporting that, back in March, her husband was "drunk" and "pushing her. "  During an argument, she said he went into their bedroom with his gun and fired a hole into the wall above her side of the bed, to "be intimidating to her."

On Monday, the State Attorney's Office dropped the charges against Mayor Wolfe and arrested Sharon Wolfe for perjury for contradictory statements.  

City Manager John Drury said he received a call from the mayor on Tuesday morning saying charges were dropped.  "He sounded relieved," said Drury. 

FOX 35 asked Drury if he had concern if what was going on in Mayor Wolfe's personal life was affecting his job as mayor.  "My job is to focus on day to day operations of city.  Regardless of personal issues that occur in their lives, this city continues to  be maintained to the best of our standards," said Drury.  

According to court documents, Sharon Wolfe told investigators in her last interview on May 11 that no one had been drinking and that her husband was either cleaning or oiling his gun when is discharged.  

Mayor Wolfe's neighbors and constituents don't know what to think about the gun incident.  "I'm a little concerned about that. It either happened or it didn't happen, and it just doesn't make sense," said Gerri Rosenthal.

Drury did admit that he doesn't like the city being dragged through the mud, because of the mayor's personal drama.  "I think anytime that you have a negative light, placed on a city it affects us all because of the pride we have in our city," said Drury

Sharon Wolfe's bond was set at $2,000 for the perjury charge.  But, the judge ruled not to give her bond on the violation of probation charge against her, stemming from a domestic incident involving her sister.  She will remain in jail until at least June 13, when she is scheduled to be arraigned on the perjury charge.