Wild temperature swings expected in coming days

After a day of record-breaking heat, we now monitor a major drop in our temps during the next 24 hours.  On Thursday, we set record highs in Orlando (92°), Daytona Beach (89°), Sanford (91°), Leesburg (89°), and Melbourne (90°).  The cold front will be south of us by 9 a.m. on Friday and that will begin another cooling trend.


Instead of having highs in the 90s,  we can expect highs on Friday in the upper 60s to lower 70s.  By Friday night, the temperatures will drop to its lowest point in the upper 40s.


After a chilly start on Saturday morning, the mercury will rise, but only into the lower to middle 60s by 2 p.m.  The normal high temp is 76°, so we will be running over 10 degrees cooler than normal.


The roller coaster ride continues next week when temperatures will climb back into the low to mid-80s by late week as we prep for our next cold front.