Wildlife biologists attempt to rescue injured, floating manatee

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Bill Greer paddles his kayak alongside an injured manatee that is unable to keep herself submerged at Manatee Cove in Merritt Island.  He's leading the effort to rescue a 10 foot mammal, which he says was the victim of a motor boat strike.

“Its something that if left untreated it definitely can become life threatening," said Greer, a marine biologist with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.

For an hour, the biologist diligently kept his kayak positioned next to the manatee until he finally guided her, and her calf, towards a 40 foot capture net that was held in the water by several volunteers, including Leo and Cedar Cross of Florida Wildlife Trappers.

But in a matter of seconds, the one thousand pound mammal quickly spun around the other direction before the volunteers could even begin to close the net.

The manatee surprised biologists with her strength and resolve, so they will have to wait until she's spotted again by the public. The hotline to report injured manatees is 1-888-404-3922, or *FWC from a cellular phone.