Witnesses help make arrest in fatal hit and run

The seconds leading up to a deadly hit-and-run crash involving a motorcycle were caught on camera.  It's the next act that troopers with the Florida Highway Patrol say landed the accused driver behind bars.  It was all caught on David and Mayra Hill's security cameras caught it all. 

"She stopped her vehicle. She got out. She had a passenger that got out with her and they walked for two seconds over to the person that was on the floor, the motorcycle gentlemen and they proceeded to get back in there car they left," said Mayra Hill. 

She is stunned. 

"What kind of person would leave a scene like that?"

She says it was obvious 25-year-old Christopher Morgan was dead in the road. 

"He was left stranded in the middle of the street for other cars that kept going by. The cars kept going by. They ran over his shoes. They ran over his seat," said Morgan. 

Mayra took videos as first responders arrived on scene.   Morgan's bike is in the middle of the intersection, his helmet and shoes scattered.  Trooopers says one witness saw Stephanie Rodriguez drive off after the crash and followed her. 

The FHP report says the good Samaritan tailed Rodriguez a couple of blocks before catching up to her and somehow forced her back to the scene. Shortly after, Rodriguez was cuffed and charged for leaving the scene. 

"If you had the time to walk towards the body, why wouldn't you stay? Why go run back to your car and leave?" asked Mayra. 

Morgan's family set up a Go Fund Me page, asking for donations.  They say they never expected to be burying the father of three so young.