Witnesses say lightning that reportedly killed Deltona roofer came out of the blue

A roofer is dead after being struck by lightning in Deltona, authorities said.

Edvin Velasquez Cinto, 24, was struck by lightning while building a roof along Sterling Pointe Drive just before 2 p.m. on Monday afternoon. Coworkers who were on the roof with Cinto said he looked stunned and then fell through a hole in the roof.

"Someone has fallen from a roof! I think he’s unconscious," said a 911 caller. "They’re saying he was struck by lightning."

Volusia County Deputies said that when they found Cinto, he smelled like burnt hair and his sock was melted to his foot. One of Cinto’s coworkers told FOX 35 News they rushed to the hospital to see him, but he had already passed. That coworker also said that it wasn’t raining at the time of the strike. He says that it was the only bolt of lightning they saw. 

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was out taking a look at the site on Tuesday afternoon.

"Terrible things do happen to good people, so don’t take any chances with your life or your family," said Volusia County Emergency Services Director Jim Judge.

Judge said lightning can strike up to 15 miles ahead of a storm. Meaning it doesn’t have to be raining at the time for lightning to strike.

"You just never know where it’s going to strike," said Judge.

One expert said when you hear the thunder roar, go indoors, adding that there is just no safe place to be outside when a storm is coming through.

"Don’t go outside and look at the storm," said Steven Lerner of Seminole County Emergency Services. "It’s safe to look from the window but going outside, being in the storm or ahead of the storm for pictures or video, it’s really not safe."