Woman accused of bringing gun to school being held $40,500 bond

Tarshia Richmond is being held at the Lake County Jail on a $40,500 bond. Officers say she is the one who brought a gun to school, threatening a student who got into a fight with a family friend.

Lake County Sheriff’s Office says the trouble started with a fight between two male students near the band room towards the end of the school day Monday.  School administrators separated the boys.  

The principal reported that, as he was escorting one of the boys to his office, the 20-year-old Richmond charged that boy, starting attacking him and telling him she was going to shoot him, before running off. After witnessing the threat LCSO says the principal radioed the school resource officer, letting him know which door Richmond was heading out. 

The LCSO school resource officer says he saw Richmond run to a white car in the parking lot, watched her looking for something on the passenger side then witnessed her pulling out a gun.  That SRO was able to stop Richmond in the parking lot before she was able to re-enter the school.  

LCSO tells The News Station that Richmond’s gun was loaded.   Richmond has now been charged with trespass on school property with firearm, unlicensed carrying of a concealed firearm, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, grand-theft firearm, simple battery, and disruption of school function.

Deputies say Richmond is a family friend of one of the boys involved in the fight, she showed up on campus to defend him.