Woman arrested after crashing car into home

Johnetha Moss, was set to be in Orange County Court Friday afternoon, facing a laundry list of charges. Deputies say she smashed her car into a house, trying to run over a former lover.

“I call her Cray-Cray,” said Priscilla Ostine, the victim's mother.

That’s the nickname Ostine has for Moss, who'd been dating her son on-and-off for the last five years.  She said Moss is mostly a good person, but she has a dark side.

“When she get angry, she's angry,” she said, “other than that she's a sweet girl, but I guess buttons got pushed - she just can't get over him.”

Deputies say Moss was angry that the man was "hooking up" with other girls. Thursday evening they got into a fight there, and she drove off, but then she came back.  Moss saw him standing outside the house and gunned the engine, aiming right at him.

Deputies say Moss didn't hesitate when she drove her car up the driveway into the house. They note that there were no skid marks anywhere on the driveway.  The man jumped out of the way and the car crashed into the house. Inside were the man's pregnant girlfriend and her three kids. Luckily, they were all okay.

“They doing fine. They didn't show like they scared or anything. They're boys, they're fine,” Ostine said.

The house they moved into a few months ago, though, is now condemned. The victim's mom says it looks like it'll be Christmas at her place.

“We was actually supposed to be hanging lights yesterday and today,” Ostine said, “I don't know if they're even going to be in their own home now for Christmas.”

Moss faces charges of battery and child abuse.