Woman celebrates 101st birthday at Walt Disney World: 'Everything is good'

Many come to Walt Disney World to celebrate significant milestones: engagements, anniversaries, reunions, and birthdays. However, very few of those birthdays are as monumental as the one just reached by Frances Belko.

Belko and Disney have something very important in common: they were born in 1923. So, how better to celebrate her 101st birthday than with a trip to the most magical place on earth?

"Everything is good in Disney," Belko said. "You walk around you see everything, and you have that nice parade."

Belko, her granddaughter, Kelly DeSalvo, and their family celebrated the major milestone themed after Disney's 101 Dalmatians.

"It’s pretty fun to not only have her for 101 years but also that she still can hold conversations and talk," DeSalvo said. "[She’s] excited about everything."


Belko passed down her love for the entertainment powerhouse to DeSalvo. The pair have shared a Disney bond over the decades. In addition to Disney, Belko’s advice to stay young at heart and live long is simple.

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Frances Belko celebrates her 101st birthday at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, March 11, 2024. [Credit: Family handout]

"Exercise, and just keep on going from day to day and make the best of everything," Belko said.

But that’s not all. DeSalvo chimed in, letting a few secrets slip.

"And Diet Coke and chocolate – Hershey kisses – and ice cream," she said with a laugh. "Those are the three key things that she always needs!"

Belko enjoyed her big day at Disney on her favorite rides and a one-on-one meet-and-greet with Mickey Mouse. She already has her sights set on her next birthday, which will be themed "Celebrating 102 with Winnie the Pooh!"