Woman dies days after being rescued from flipped over SUV partially submerged in water

A woman who was pulled from an SUV that had flipped over and rolled in a water-filled ditch has died, despite efforts by Florida first responders and witnesses to save her.

Good Samaritans and firefighters can be seen on body cameras worn by Volusia County deputies standing in waste-deep water next to the SUV that was on its side.  The woman was unconscious and trapped inside the vehicle, they said. 

"She's unresponsive," a woman frantically tells the deputy in the video, who then walks into the ditch. "There's somebody in there. Can we get this thing flipped or not?" the deputy asks someone off-camera. "You guys, someone's submerged on the low side. We need some help pushing."

Deputies said the woman's SUV filled with about three feet of water after it overturned in the ditch off Maytown Road west of Cedar Chase Road around 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday, July 5.

She died on Friday evening.  Earlier in the day, Volusia County Rescue Battalion Chief Chris Davis praised the actions of his crew and of the bystanders who helped.

"We don't decide what happens at the very end to that patient," he said, "but they gave that patient a fighting chance."

The woman's identity has not been released. The crash remains under investigation.