'God, I don’t want to die out here': Woman describes moments before rescue from sinking boat

A woman rescued from a capsized boat at the Ponce Inlet Jetty is recovering from minor injuries.

Kesia Ash was one of four people who went fishing Sunday night. She said it’s a weekly routine among her friends. Around 8 o’clock, Ash noticed the water was beginning to flow into the boat. Despite her friend’s efforts to move the boat closer to shore, the craft capsized. Ash, unable to swim, reached for the help of her friends.

"I started drinking water. I'm like ‘God, I don’t want to die out here,’" she said. Two of her friends pulled her onto the jetty rocks, where they waited for help to arrive. The remaining friend left to go find help. Hours went by, and Volusia Beach Safety officers, accompanied by the Coast Guard came to the rescue. Footage shows the three friends getting onto the rescue boat.


"When we got there it was just like oh my God, we made it. We’re fine," she said. "I’m a very adventurous person. But now I’m a little shaky." All four people on the boat suffered minor injuries such as cuts and bruises, and are expected to make a full recovery. The boat was towed out of the water Tuesday afternoon.

This was the second rescue of its kind over the weekend. 11 people were rescued after a homemade catamaran broke in half in Ormond Beach. Those people were safely returned to shore as well. Beach Safety Chief Tammy Malphurs said the incidents serve as a safety reminder for those out on the water. "The conditions can change in just a matter of minutes," she said. "It's extremely important to pay attention to all the warnings."

She urges boaters to never travel alone and to take as many boating safety courses as they can. In addition to that, It’s important to always wear a life vest.