Zebra, camels, mini-horse named 'Sebastian' rescued from fiery, smoke-filled semi-truck

A Florida truck driver found himself in a scary situation when his truck caught fire on an Indiana highway, but it’s his cargo that has everyone talking.

Four zebras, four camels, and a mini-horse named Sebastian were rescued from the truck’s trailer after the semi caught fire on Saturday.

The dramatic rescue played out on the side of the highway and was all caught on body cam. Grant County sheriff’s deputies, an Indiana state trooper, and a good Samaritan scrambled to save the exotic animals.

The Shrine Circus truck was en route to a series of weekend performances when it caught fire.

"The story has kind of blown up," said Sheriff Del Garcia. We didn’t anticipate that all that was going to happen, but we are proud of the teamwork that occurred that evening to help save those animals. It was a great effort by everybody, and we really appreciate all the work they did."

All the animals and the truck driver, a 57-year-old Sarasota man, made it out of the vehicle.

According to the Shrine Circus website, their performance was rescheduled.