More colon cancer seen among young people

Colon cancer is the third leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States and new data shows younger people are being diagnosed with this form of cancer than in previous years. Doctors recommend you understand your family's history with colon cancer to determine whether you should get screened before the age of 45. In most cases, if colon cancer is caught early enough, there is a 91% survival rate.

Preventing painful side effect of lymph node removal

Dr. Kenneth R. Lee at Orlando Health fights cancer on two fronts. First, he saves lives by removing cancerous lymph nodes, and second, he helps improve quality of life. When lymph nodes are removed, it can cause fluid build-up called lymphedema, which impacts up to 30% of all breast cancer patients. It's painful and makes it difficult to move. The Orlando Health Cancer Institute has helped to partly pioneer a new procedure to address those concerns, called LYMPHA.

Clinical trials helping breast cancer patients

Billions of dollars are poured into research to find better ways to fight everything from Alzheimer's to breast cancer. Clinical trials, of course, are a popular way to test some new drugs on patients, and some of those patients have exhausted all their options.