Latest on stimulus check delivery

If you haven't gotten your federal stimulus check yet, Wednesday may be the day. Payments are set to hit the accounts at several big banks in the morning.

Norwegian Cruise Line delays sailings

Norwegian Cruise Line just announced another delay in sailing. Port cities are now left to navigate the rough waters that the coronavirus pandemic has caused. Instead of setting sail, cruise ships are sitting empty and have been for months.

Housing boom on the Space Coast

People from all across the country are packing their bags and heading to Florida in search of warm weather and low taxes. The Space Coast is seeing a housing market boom on the beach.

Finals days of Bike Week 2021

This is the final weekend of Bike Week in Daytona Beach. Business owners say they have seen the strongest turnout for crowds since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

Finding success during a pandemic

It was exactly 365 days ago today that the World Health Organization made the announcement that would change all of our lives: the coronavirus had grown into a pandemic. Since then, people have lost their jobs, traveling stopped, and some of our favorite restaurants closed. Still, some businesses figured out a way to make it work.

Gas pricing rising

AAA says gas prices have increased by 40 cents since January 1 and prices on Monday represent the highest daily average since July of 2019. Demand is driving the increase because more people are driving as coronavirus restrictions are rolled back. The winter storm that impact refineries in Texas is also to blame.