Learning how bees help the environment

Earth Day is Friday and FOX 35 is celebrating all week long. FOX 35 meteorologist Allison Gargaro visited Black Hammock Bee Farms to learn more about how important bee colonies are for the environment

Florida man dies after crashing into alligator

In the middle of the night, an alligator was in the path of a Hillsborough County driver. The person behind the wheel evidently crashed into the Florida reptile, flipping their vehicle due to the impact, and passing away from their injuries, deputies say.

Deputies relocate alligator from school swimming pool

The Montverde Academy swim team was about to begin practice when they noticed a visitor, in the form of a 3-foot alligator. They contacted the Lake Couty Sheriff's Office and a deputy was able to relocate the little to nearby Lake Apopka.

Hunting down invasive Burmese pythons in Florida

Florida is home to about 300,000 Burmese pythons. They are considered an invasive species, wiping out many other animals. Researchers from 40 universities are getting creative in how to track and trap the massive snakes.

Incurable parasite found in Cuban tree frog

University of Florida researchers report that the rat lungworm parasite, which can cause deadly disease in humans and in animals, has been found in a new host in Florida with its discovery in Cuban treefrogs, an invasive species.

Effort to save manatees hits snag

An unprecedented, experimental attempt to feed manatees facing starvation in Florida has started slowly. However, a feeding station established along the state’s east coast has yet to entice wild manatees with romaine lettuce even though the animals will eat it in captivity, officials said on a news conference held remotely.

SeaWorld Orlando caring for manatees

SeaWorld Orlando is caring for a manatee that was found on the side of a road near Crystal River in Citrus County. It is just one example of how that park has helping Florida's gentle giants.

Saving Florida's native plants amid development boom

With all the development around Florida, there’s often little to no effort to save the shrinking number of native plant species. But a team of conservation experts from the University of Florida is now trying to change that.

Cleaning up Lake Jesup

One of the biggest waterways in Florida is in trouble. Late Jessup is polluted and that is having a big impact on wildlife and eventually our way of life. But new technology being tested on that lake could be a game changer. But this is about more than just cleaning up contaminated water.

Florida woman finds iguana in her toilet

A woman in Hollywood, Florida was surprised to find an unexpected stranger inside of her toilet. Michelle Bennett said she was startled to find an iguana in her toilet as she lifted the lid.

Giant rattlesnake caught in Polk County

A wildlife trapper said he captured a massive rattlesnake in Polk County. A woman called Dustin Hooper with All Creatures Wildlife Control for help after she spotted the snake in her chicken coop. Hooper said the snake was nearly six feet in length and estimated it was about 10 years old.

2021 Florida Python Challenge wraps up

The results are in for the 2021 Florida Python Challenge with 223 invasive pythons caught. The 10-day-event last month more than doubled the number of pythons captured the previous year.