Hurricane making Florida's red tide worse

Spring breakers visiting Florida have noticed thousands of pounds of dead fish along beaches due to red tide. Researches believe Hurricane Ian shifted currents that created the environment for the red tide outbreak.

Sea turtles released back into Atlantic Ocean

In Flagler County, 10 sea turtles were released back into the wild on Tuesday. These little guys have been going through rehabilitation for three months now. Sea turtle nesting season has just begun in Florida.

Owl on mend after rescue from storm shutter

An owl is on the mend after getting stuck in a storm shutter in Miami Gardens, and rescuing the bird out of there was no easy task. It took several minutes to free the owl with the homeowner's help. They placed the bird in a kennel and took it to the Pelican Harbor Seabird Station in Miami. The owl is now being treated for a broken foot.

Man facing charges after allegedly hitting shark with hammer

A Florida man is facing two misdemeanor charges after authorities allege he attacked a lemon shark with a hammer. The lemon shark is classified as a vulnerable species and it is illegal to fish for lemon sharks in Florida waters. The shark was never found so there was no way to determine if it lived or died.

Invasive iguanas may be adapting to cold in Florida

When it gets cold in South Florida, the National Weather Service will often issue warnings about falling iguanas. Ongoing research suggests Florida’s falling iguana phenomenon could be rarer in the future — both due to climbing global temperatures from unchecked climate change and a shift in cold hardiness in the lizards themselves.

Gator eats gator: Paddleboarder records alligator's cannibalistic behavior

Video recorded by a paddleboarder in Florida shows a massive alligator having another gator as a snack. Tammy Shaw said she was paddling on Silver Springs in Marion County earlier this month when she spotted an approximately 11-foot alligator that was about the length of her paddleboard. Shaw said the gator was not shy about a recent kill.