Brody the Bear undergoes MRI

Brody the Bear has been undergoing treatment at the Brevard Zoo for a year and underwent an MRI on Sunday. The bear has hip dysplasia which causing it to limp.

Alligator found under car

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office released body cam video showing the 'arrest' of a curious alligator that was found under a parked car in Tampa.

Feds to investigate surge in manatee deaths

The surge in manatee deaths in Florida is drawing the attention of the federal government. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has classified the deaths as an unusual mortality event, which means the agency will now conduct its own research into possible causes.

Sea turtles suffer mystery illness

Sea turtles along Florida's Atlantic Coast from Jacksonville to Brevard County are washing up on shore. Researchers say they have a mysterious illness and wildlife experts are trying to identify the cause.

Bear-resistant trash can effectiveness shown on camera

Viewer Joanie Peterson in Spring Landing sent us video from her surveillance cameras showing two big bears tearing apart the trash in her carport. One bear easily overturns the regular trash can. The other bear struggles with the bear-proof can.

Owl rescued from chimney

A Brevard County family said an owl became trapped inside the chimney of their home. A wildlife trapper safely rescued and released the owl.

Warning issued by NWS for falling iguanas

The National Weather Service has issued a warning that iguanas could be dropping from trees in parts of Florida as a cold front moves into the region. Iguanas can become lethargic when the temperature drops to 50 degrees and are immobilized when the temperature drops below 40 degrees.

Steel traps are severely hurting wild animals

A bobcat had to be put down after being injured when it was caught in an illegal trap in Brevard County. The young cat was missing its left-front leg, which experts say is a sign that it was injured by a trap.

Puppy saved from alligator attack

A man in South Florida pulled man pulled his puppy from the jaws of an alligator. The incident was recorded by a camera placed in areas where people live close to nature.

'Miracle Leaf' touted as natural sleep aid

Some who struggle to sleep are turning to what is called miracle leaf. One doctor with spoke with cautioned that there is no scientific evidence to back its effectiveness as a sleep aid.