Gator eats gator: Paddleboarder records alligator's cannibalistic behavior

Video recorded by a paddleboarder in Florida shows a massive alligator having another gator as a snack. Tammy Shaw said she was paddling on Silver Springs in Marion County earlier this month when she spotted an approximately 11-foot alligator that was about the length of her paddleboard. Shaw said the gator was not shy about a recent kill.

Albino alligators hatch in Florida

Wild Florida, an animal park with boat tours and alligator-handling shows, welcomed two new albino alligators hatchlings by their adult albino alligator parents "Snowflake and Blizzard."

Sea turtles getting lost on Florida beaches

Sea turtles are getting lost on land. FOX 35 News received a tip about one turtle that crawled onto a porch of a home in Brevard County. Experts say the turtles may be losing their sense of direction because of light pollution.

Florida man attacked by alligator at hotel

A 49-year-old man was wandering around the grounds of a Sarasota County hotel when he thought he saw a dog in some bushes. It turned out the dog was actually an alligator that lunged toward him and bit his leg.

When Florida Attacks: Snakes

There are 50 species of snake in Florida and some are venomous including the coral snake, the pygmy rattlesnake, the eastern diamondback rattlesnake, and the cottonmouth or water moccasin. We talk to a snake expert about what to do if you're bitten by a venomous snake.

Learning how bees help the environment

Earth Day is Friday and FOX 35 is celebrating all week long. FOX 35 meteorologist Allison Gargaro visited Black Hammock Bee Farms to learn more about how important bee colonies are for the environment

Florida man dies after crashing into alligator

In the middle of the night, an alligator was in the path of a Hillsborough County driver. The person behind the wheel evidently crashed into the Florida reptile, flipping their vehicle due to the impact, and passing away from their injuries, deputies say.

Deputies relocate alligator from school swimming pool

The Montverde Academy swim team was about to begin practice when they noticed a visitor, in the form of a 3-foot alligator. They contacted the Lake Couty Sheriff's Office and a deputy was able to relocate the little to nearby Lake Apopka.

Hunting down invasive Burmese pythons in Florida

Florida is home to about 300,000 Burmese pythons. They are considered an invasive species, wiping out many other animals. Researchers from 40 universities are getting creative in how to track and trap the massive snakes.