Bear cub trapped in tree over tiger enclosure

A bear cub is trapped in a tree over a tiger enclosure at the CARE Foundation animal sanctuary in Apopka, Florida. Authorities are waiting to see if the cub will come down, but there is a concern it may fall into the tiger pin.

2 ball pythons found in Orlando area in as many days

In just two days, two invasive snakes have been discovered in the wild in Central Florida. The ball python is native to Africa and brought to the United States as pets. Most likely, these snakes were released by pet owners or they escaped enclosures.

Baby turtles stranded on Brevard County beaches

Some rough surf has left baby sea turtles stranded on Brevard County beaches. More than 200 turtles were spotted since the weekend, but now volunteers are working to help. Expert say the turtles are suffering from fatigue and need rest before they can be released back into the ocean.