Fortnite developer agrees to pay $520M fine for privacy violations

Epic Games allegedly collected the personal information of Fortnite players under the age of 13 without parental consent. The company agreed to settle complaints involving children’s privacy and its payment methods that duped gamers into making unintended purchases.

This virtual reality program could 'revolutionize' physical therapy

Physical therapists say one of the biggest challenges is getting their patients to actually finish a rehabilitation program. Most people go to a handful of their sessions before dropping out, they say. A Central Florida company hopes to revolutionize physical and occupational therapy through the development of virtual reality sessions.

Saildrones collect data from hurricanes to improve forecasts

The unmanned scientific vehicle known as a saildrone collected data from the heart of Category 4 Hurricane Sam last September. In addition to providing jaw-dropping video of massive waves driven by 120 mph winds, the drone recorded valuable information.

Hunting down invasive Burmese pythons in Florida

Florida is home to about 300,000 Burmese pythons. They are considered an invasive species, wiping out many other animals. Researchers from 40 universities are getting creative in how to track and trap the massive snakes.

Winter Springs HS launches WeatherSTEM system

Winter Springs High School has launched the WeatherSTEM system that will provide students with real-time and future-cast radar with a high-resolution weather camera featuring a live stream.