Witness describes horrific Corvette crash

A witness described the moments leading up to a crash involving a Mustang and Corvette - that shattered into pieces while street racing. A Florida corrections officer was arrested for his involvement in the crash

15 hospitalized after bus, truck & ambulance crash

Fifteen people were hospitalized in a three-vehicle crash in Ocala involving a responding fire rescue truck, a pickup truck and a bus filled with adult students, according to officials. The crash happened just before 9 a.m. at the intersection of SW 90th Street and SW 80th Avenue in Ocala, according to Marion County Fire Rescue. Several 911 callers reported a Marion County Fire Rescue truck was hit and rolled over on its side while responding to a medical call on Tuesday, officials said.

Search continues for missing Florida woman

The search continues for a missing Marion County 27-year-old woman who mysteriously went missing months ago. Detectives believe something happened to her and the woman's sister says she's been working nonstop to get to the bottom of what happened to her.

Florida firefighter badly burned in house fire

A firefighter who suffered serious burns while trying to put out a house fire Wednesday afternoon will likely remain in the hospital for weeks, according to Marion County Fire Rescue. Cell phone video obtained by FOX 35 showed the moment Cpt. Chris Trubelhorn was put into the back of an ambulance as other firefighters worked to extinguish the flames raging behind him.

Guy with shotgun walks into person's house

Home surveillance video captured a man walking through someone's backyard with a shotgun, up to their door, and them letting himself inside, only to be scared by the family's dog. Inside, surveillance video captured the moment an older sister sees the man, grabs her younger sister, and goes to another room to hide.

Carjacking suspect arrested in Ocala after chase

A man allegedly broke into a woman's home in The Villages and stole her purse and keys, then took her Cadillac. Michael Prouty, the suspect, was spotted in Ocala, where he tried to carjack a woman's car in Starbucks, before he was apprehended. He was booked into jail on several charges, including fleeing and eluding, attempted carjacking, crash, resisting arrest, home invasion, battery, and grand theft.