'A failure': Attorney responds to no charges in Target shooting

Attorney Mark Nejame, who represents the family of a 20-year-old man killed by law enforcement outside a Target in Kissimmee, as well as three other men who were hurt, speaks with the press after a grand jury decided against charging the deputies in the 2022 shooting. Osceola County deputies were conducting training in a nearby parking lot when they received a call about possible shoplifting at the store. As the men left the store, deputies attempted a takedown, which ended in a shooting. No deputies were hurt.

No charges for officers in Kissimmee Target shooting

A Florida grand jury has decided not to charge Osceola County deputies in the deadly 2022 shooting outside a Target in Kissimmee, Florida. Deputies were conducting training in the parking lot nearby when there were reports of people shoplifting trading cards and pizza from the store. Outside the store, deputies attempted a takedown, which led to a deputy-involved shooting. A 20-year-old man was shot and killed, and three others were injured. Charges were dropped against the alleged suspects. Lawsuits have also been filed in the wake of the shooting.

Man arrested for exposing himself

One woman is shaken up after she claims a man exposed himself in front of her and chased her down outside a Kissimmee apartment complex

Arrest made in Salvation Army fire

Cordearo Lee Mable was arrested after admitting to starting the fire at a Salvation Army location in Kissimmee on Monday. Mable was transported to the Osceola County Jail and charged with arson and burglary to an unoccupied structure.

Driver slams into downtown Kissimmee building

A driver is dead after their car crashed into a building in downtown Kissimmee early Sunday morning, according to police. The report came in at around 5:40 a.m. Sunday after a car drove into a building at the corner of Neptune and Broadway, according to the Kissimmee Police Department.

Man facing death penalty for police killings

A Florida man appealed his death penalty after he shot and killed two Kissimmee police officers. The man's attorney cited mental health issues such as PTSD from the military as to why the shootings happened.

Ride shut down after boy falls off it

A roller coaster at Fun Spot America's theme park in Kissimmee, Florida, has been shut down after a boy was injured while riding it. Officials said the boy was found 20 feet beneath "The Galaxy Spin's" track and had 'traumatic injuries.' It's unclear exactly how the boy ended up off the ride, but the Osceola County Fire Rescue Department said it initially received a call reporting a boy had fallen off the ride.

Storms flip airplanes at Kissimmee airport

Strong storms brought winds strong down to flip at least three planes at Kissimmee airport, officials said. Two of the planes were not tied down when the storm came through, and a third was tied down, but the ropes broke.