Volusia County School Board holding emergency meeting on mask mandate

One-by-one, school districts across Central Florida are debating masks in the classroom. The Volusia County School Board is holding an emergency meeting to discuss the issue and it has brought out a lot of people who are either showing show their support of a mask mandate or their frustrations.

Fired DeLand police officer back on the job

A DeLand police officer who was fired a couple of years ago is back on the force. That officer was accused of mistreating and wrongfully arresting a man. The officer appealed, and an arbitrator said he could go back to work.

Professor warns about investing without research

A growing number of rookie investors are turning to social media sites for investing tips. A Stetson University finance professor says while it may be enticing to take guidance from social media trends, people should consider long-term investing strategies and thoroughly research where the place their money.

Volusia County students go back to the classroom

Volusia County schools are finally back in session after the district voted to push back the start date by two weeks in hopes of seeing the spread of the coronavirus slow down, as well as give teachers extra time to train.