FOX 35 is monitoring three areas in the tropics that could develop

The tropics are not dead yet.

FOX 35 is currently monitoring three areas that could develop in the coming five days.

While the chances are low, waters are still plenty warm and atmospheric conditions still favorable. It is important to not let your guard down, stay prepared and tropical weather aware until November 30th, which is the end of hurricane season. It's been a very active 2020 season and that trend will continue for the next five to ten days.

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The feature marked 10 percent near the Windward Islands appears to be weak and developmental odds on this easterly wave are low over the next two to five days. It will have a chance to bring gusty winds and heavy tropical rains to Puerto Rico and the surrounding islands though.


The wave at the top of the map has developmental chances at 20 percent over the next 5 days and will eventually pass between Bermuda and Puerto Rico this weekend. The area in the western Caribbean has yet to form but long-range forecast models are currently indicating that this may be the spot to really watch next week.

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The GFS forecast model develops a tropical feature in the western Caribbean next week, around Wednesday or so. The circulation is shown getting plucked out of the Caribbean by an incoming front, shoved across Cuba and then the sea. This one needs to be watched for any impacts to Florida and the Eastern Seaboard.


Stick with FOX 35 as we track the tropics over the coming days. Updates to come.