Orlando weather: Central Florida to heat up with temps reaching the mid 90s

A few more pop-up showers and downpours will be around Monday afternoon and evening, as well as Tuesday afternoon and evening.

Then, a ridge of high-pressure forms over Florida and will squash any risk for that Wednesday to Friday. Record challenging heat is expected Wednesday through Friday with mid-upper 90s inland, closer to 90 at the immediate beaches with lots of sunshine. A cold front is likely next weekend at some point, but details are very uncertain. A massive outbreak spanning several days of severe weather across the central United States will need to be ironed out first before determining how potent and far this cold front will be into Florida next weekend. 

Some rain/storm chance is possible Mother's Day weekend, but the timing and scope of said risk is very uncertain at this point. Much cooler air is likely early next week with highs maybe back into the 80s and lows possibly into the 50s in parts of central Florida for a night or two the middle of next week. Thankfully, the tropics remain quiet for the next week or two.