Thanksgiving Day forecast: Sunny and warm before cold front moves in

Our Thanksgiving Day forecast will be one of the best in the past 5 years.

Central Florida will get the perfect combination of sunshine, light winds, comfortable humidity, and slightly warmer than normal temperatures. In years past, we would get one or the other, but not all four.  

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The region will also get an extended period of perfect weather conditions that will carry us through the entire weekend.

While we are enjoying this fantastic weather pattern all across Florida, the first major storm system of the season is slowly moving across the eastern half of the nation with cold rain and temperatures. 

If you don't like it sunny and warm, then you just have to wait until next week when our first major drop in temperatures will hit Florida.

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By Tuesday morning we will have widespread temperatures in the 40's with areas north of The Villages recording lows in the upper 30's. 

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