911 call reports stolen SUV with toddler inside

Orlando police officers continue to search for the thief who stole a car with a baby inside.  It was around 8:30 p.m. on Thursday when police say a woman’s car was stolen with her baby inside. It was parked in an alley outside her home in Baldwin Park.

“I saw her sitting outside, and she was just sitting in shock,." explained neighbor Alex Rowlinson.  He said he tried helping the woman. “She just told me what happened, said my car’s gone. I walked outside for a second came back out and my car was gone and my son was in the back.”

Investigators on Friday released the 911 call placed by mother Jennifer Willey regarding her son. "I went into the house to use the restroom, my car was sitting in my driveway, my keys were in the car and my car is gone. Somebody stole my car," she told the dispatcher.  "How old is your son?" the dispatcher asked.  "He's 15 months, he's in his car seat, he's asleep. Oh my god!  I can't believe they stole my car with my son in it," Willey replied. 

Police found her black Nissan SUV shortly after that, about a mile a way on Decatur Street.  They said the baby was found in the car seat behind a townhouse. Willey’s purse and cell phone were found 100 yards from the scene.

Neighbors said Willey recently moved in with her children. “Just within the past two months,” said Ryan Simmons, who often see’s her in the driveway. “Beautiful kids, tons of fun. Always out in the alley along the street playing all the time.”

Investigators continue to search for the person who did this, leaving many neighbors concerned. “It’s almost like someone was waiting back there.The baby’s fine. I really hope they find out who did this,” added Rowlinson. 

Police do not have a description of the suspect, because the mother never saw the individual.