Cocoa police officers save 2-year-old child from drowning: 'A good ending'

Two Cocoa police officers saved a child from drowning at an apartment complex pool. 

The incident happened during a birthday party on Saturday. The toddler wasn’t breathing when the child was rescued from the pool, but they're expected to fully recover thanks to first responders.

"Did you get him out of the pool?" asked one of the 911 operators in 911 calls that were released to FOX 35 News. 

Cocoa police say the child wasn’t breathing when his mother pulled him out of the water at the Oak Meadows apartments.

"I could see the baby’s mouth was blue, no breathing," said Cocoa Police Officer Kyle McNamara. 

McNamara was first on the scene and wasted no time starting CPR. 

"All I said was start, and he jumped right into it," said McNamara, who was minutes away from finishing his shift when the call was received. 


Officer Christian Pyne wasn’t far behind, and together, the duo did chest compressions until the 2-year-old spit up water, and they felt a pulse.

"There’s a great many times that this kind of stuff doesn’t end well, so this is nice it had a good ending," said Pyne. 

The child was taken to the hospital and was able to go home. Police say he should make a full recovery.

"He’s good. He’s talking. He’s alert, and he’s going to be just fine," said McNamara. 

The rapid response, from the 911 call to police and fire crews on the scene in minutes, saved a life.

"That early intervention of getting those rescue breaths into that child, getting those chest compressions done, by no doubt, that had a positive outcome in saving that child’s life," said Cocoa’s fire chief Jonathan Lamm. 

Lamm says, if you’re ever worried someone may not be breathing, call 911 as fast as you can because seconds matter when a life is on the line.