Adorable! Rare manatee twins found at Blue Spring State Park in Florida

A January surprise at Florida's Blue Spring State Park!

Researchers have confirmed that a manatee momma is raising a rare set of twins. 

The Save the Manatee Club says that have been tracking the mother, Estelle, and her visits to the park since 2019.

Manatee research associate Cora Bercham says the mother and her babies are really healthy and look great. 

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"They have pretty much exactly the same size, which is why we really believe they are twins," she told FOX 35. "Obviously we're keeping an eye on them because sometimes a mother will abandon one calf and just stick with one, so we are making sure that they're sticking together."

The Save the Manatee club doesn't know what gender the calves are yet. A baby shower is being planned for Estelle that the public will be able to attend.