AdventHealth to vaccinate more frontline workers

Frontline workers at AdventHealth lined up early Wednesday morning, patiently waiting to roll up their sleeves -- and they'll do it again on Thursday.

“I didn’t even feel it.  Well done,” one nurse told the person giving her the vaccine.  “The frontliners, they are very thankful for this major historic moment in the history of this pandemic and I would say in the history of medicine,” said Dr. Eduardo Oliveira. 

He treats COVID-19 patients daily.  He got his vaccine before the start of his shift. 

“I had to wait about 30 minutes after vaccination to make sure there are no adverse reactions for precautionary matter. It was fine,” Dr. Oliviera said.    


After reviewing the research, he said the vast majority of his colleagues agree that getting the vaccine just makes sense. 

“Compared to and when you look at the risk-benefit ratio of being exposed to Covid and getting the disease the profile is overwhelming towards getting the vaccination when you look at the overall data,” Dr. Oliviera said. 

Over at the Orlando VA Healthcare System, Dr. David D. Jones is proud to say he’s was the first front line worker on staff to receive the vaccine. 

“I got it in my right arm,” Dr. Jones said. 

He’s hoping that by volunteering to go first that he’s sending a loud, clear message to everyone, especially minority communities.  

“This has affected disproportionately African Americans, Latinos, and elderly...I took this vaccination. I want them to know they have to take this vaccination. It’s for our safety, our health -- 300,000 people have died. This is a way for us to change the tide.  Take this vaccine, please! It’s important for your family, for yourself, for the country, it’s important for the world. Please take this vaccine!” Dr. Jones said.    

Dr. Jones made it a point of mentioning that he’ll be signing his wife and his college-age child up to get the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as it’s available to them.   


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