'I just did what I hope anyone else would do': Air Force Staff Sgt. helps rescue motorcyclist after crash

Of all the people you’d want nearby during an emergency, an Air Force Staff Sergeant is a pretty good option. That’s what happened in Clermont Monday night. The hero jumped in to help after a crash and knew exactly what to do.

"I was very proud," Sherry Hornik said. She was emotional talking about what happened Friday night.

She was on the way home from dinner with her son, U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant Stephen Hornik. They were stopped at a stop sign at Hooks Street and U-S 27 in Clermont when they saw a crash between a car and a motorcycle.

"I was screaming. We were watching a body that was flying into the air. He just put the car into park and just went running across the street," Sherry Hornik said.

Stephen Hornik knew exactly what to do from his training in the military.

"It really came in handy. You don’t really know that you need it until you need it," Stephen Hornik said.

He checked the motorcyclist for injuries and checked his heart rate and breathing. Then he waited with the man and kept him calm until and ambulance arrived.

"The thing he was most concerned about was contacting his wife. It seemed like he just wanted to talk to his wife," Stephen Hornik said. "I just did what I hope anyone else would do and helped him."

Clermont Police said the man was taken to the hospital, but was not seriously hurt. Stephen Hornik said he hasn’t had contact with the man since and only knows his first name.