Airsoft rifles prompts campus scare at UF

Frightening video a student shot with his cell phone shows men on a football practice field behind his University of Florida residence hall.  He zooms-in on one man holding what looks like an assault rifle.

Soon, another man joins him. There's shouting, and then everyone takes off running. Most of these men are University of Florida football players.  Students said that doesn't make a difference.

“I'd think something was going on. If people were screaming and running away I'd definitely think that something was going on,” said UF student Tamara Lamarre.

“Even if I knew it was a player or not, I'd definitely call police, I don't wanna get shot!” agreed student Juan Rodriguez.

Nobody would have been shot though, as the rifles were Airsoft pellet guns. Campus police said the frightening scene was a confrontation between several UF football players and a local man who sometimes bets on football games. No one involved in the fight is facing charges.

“If you think it's a real gun, you should definitely fear for your safety and call the authorities or something,” Rodriguez said.

University officials released a statement: “Police completed their investigation and none of these students will be facing criminal charges from this event two months ago. The police report notes that it was referred to the Dean of Students Office in accordance with their processes."

The UF Athletic Department also stated: "Anytime we get information involving our student athletes we look into it."

Six UF football players could face student conduct code violations for their roles in the showdown. The local man who was also involved was barred from setting foot on campus for three years.