Back to School: Some changes families can expect to see this year

The start of the school year is just about one week away for most Central Florida counties.

Many students are expected to return for in-person learning for the first time in more than a year. However, with health guidance constantly changing and coronavirus cases rising across the state, the year ahead looks uncertain. Some parents are still apprehensive about sending their children back to school.

FOX 35 spoke to Orange County Public Schools. They said that they are placing huge importance on making sure the children feel loved and connected.

"For the first ten days of school, we have actually provided every teacher with resources at the beginning of the class to do check-ins with their students, to kind of build that relationship with the student, so that they can take that time to say hey, how have you been, how was your summer, what's going on," Orange County Public Schools Executive Director of Student Services Mary Bridges said.

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"It was difficult, it was a challenge, some students, it was easier for them than for others, to learn in a non-traditional setting, so I'm really looking forward to having all of our students back on campus, so they can be in a traditional setting, so we can teach them those social and emotional learning skills and hopefully get to help them cope with our unique times that we're in right now," Meadowbrook Middle School Tascher Courtney Codner added.

In addition, Orange County Public Schools reportedly added a full-time social worker at all middle schools this year. Two years ago, that did this at every high school. The district said that the mental health of the students is a major priority.

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