Bank card scheme targeting seniors

Authorities in Volusia County say senior citizens are being targeted in a card scheme, with three victims from New Smyrna Beach in December alone. They fear there could be more victims out there.

Police say it all starts with a phone call to an elderly person. Lieutenant Shane Riggle with the New Smyrna Beach Police Department says, "It's a female claiming to be a Wells Fargo employee. They want to replace their bank cards. They ask these folks to give them their information, and once they obtain it, they ask them to leave their old cards in their mailbox."

In three separate cases, three elderly people have fallen for the thieves' tricks, leaving their bank cards in their mailboxes for the suspects to pick up and use. Thousands of dollars were taken; police say the money was spent in Orlando and DeLand.

Lt. Riggle adds, "Please don't give out personal information over the phone. Get the word out that these calls are happening."