Brevard County woman tests positive for coronavirus

A woman from Brevard County said she has the coronavirus.

Anita Unrath said she started seeing symptoms while she was on a trip to New York City earlier this month.

She had a cough and a fever.

She came back to Central Florida and went to the hospital on March 15. She found out Thursday she tested positive for COVID-19.

She’s been at home isolating herself. She said she wants others to do the same.

"The fever has been pretty annoying,” Unrath said. “The cough is a dry cough. I think the social distancing is important to just stay away from other people. Someone who doesn't even know me sent me a message today saying 'thank you for staying in quarantine.'"

She tells FOX 35 News that she is feeling better and plans to stay inside her home for at least a week after her symptoms go away.