Car slams into Belleview home

A woman said she had a seizure, shortly before losing control of her car and crashing into a home in Belleview.   Janice Porter and her 12-year-old grandson survived the crash on Tuesday night. 

"Through the grace of God," Porter explained, "I'm still alive."

She came back to the home along SE 108th Street on Wednesday to search for personal items, even though she was having a difficult time just walking.  People were amazed she and the child walked away from the crash.

"Everything hurts," she said. "My back, everything's hurting."

She said her grandson suffered a broken hand and head injuries. The car was totaled.

"The good Lord, he saved me and my grandson," said Porter. 

On Wednesday morning, the scene was still a mess. There were still pieces of her car still there.  Porters said she was having trouble recalling the exact details of what happened.

"Me and my grandson was going to the store, the dollar store, that's the last thing I remember," she explained.

After her seizure, police said her car hit and snapped a power pole, and then it flew roughly seven feet up into the air.

"Struck some trees, started to spin, hit a basketball hoop and actually ended up crashing into the front of the residence," said Lt. Lawrence Bryan with the Belleview Police Department.

The impact happened right where Tyler Fisk's step-grandmother was relaxing, in the living room recliner.

"She was sitting about right here," Fisk gestured. 

She too walked away unharmed. He called 911.

Fisk explained, "I thought anyone inside the car and in the house that was near that window was gone."

Porter said she feels terrible about what happened.

"I'm just wanting to come tell the people I'm sorry with what happened," she said.

She was thankful to just be standing there Wednesday morning.

"That we're able to see another day. I just truly thank God," She said.