CDC: U.S. unlikely to meet President Biden's vaccine goal by July 4

Data shows it is unlikely President Joe Biden will meet his latest COVID-19 vaccination goal of having 70-percent of Americans at least partially vaccinated against the coronavirus by the Fourth of July.

Officials said 15.5 million Americans would need to get at least one dose of the vaccine in the next four weeks to meet the milestone. More than 168 million Americans have already received at least one vaccine dose.

Only 14 states have reached the 70-percent vaccination milestone among adults with about a dozen more on pace to reach it by July 4. 

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The Florida Department of Health COVID Dashboard shows 53-percent of eligible people in the state have received a COVID vaccine. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said there is plenty of vaccine supply, but new COVID vaccinations in the U.S. have dropped below 400,000 per day. That is down from a high of nearly 2,000,000 per day two months ago.

The Biden Administration said it is using every tool at its disposal to combat vaccine hesitancy and a lack of urgency to get the vaccine, especially in the South and Midwest. President Biden dubbed June the National Month of Action, where national organizations, community-based and faith-based partners, athletes, celebrities, and others will encourage people to get vaccinated through outreach and education efforts and offering incentives.

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The Administration said even if the president’s goal is not reached, it will have little effect on the overall U.S. recovery, which they say is already ahead of where the president said it would be.

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