Central Florida Muslims react to Brussels attacks

As the world mourns the 31 people lost in Tuesday's terrorist attacks in Brussels, Muslim leaders in Central Florida gathered in Orlando to condemn those attacks and to share their wish to unite with non-Muslims to fight against ISIS.

Members from The Islamic Center of Orlando speaking to the media today, condemning the attack on Brussels.  Religious leader Helmi Elagha, with the American Muslim leadership Council, says that in the face of such terror, the current political rhetoric is only creating more fear and distrust of American Muslims.

"I have one message for them: read the constitution of the United States of America, if someone where to join and say well this is just the one percent," Elagha. "No, what effects one percent of Americans will effect the remainder of Americans in general. Today might be the American Muslims...God knows who will it be tomorrow."

These religious leaders say they feel they are morally obligated to speak out against such attacks, as their religion is torn apart.