Child abuse suspect out of jail, rejects accusations he placed child in oven

Terry May says he didn't hurt the 3-year-old girl he was babysitting, who has burns and bruises on her body.   Authorities said May turned himself in after a warrant had been issued for his arrest on a charge of child abuse.  

"You put a kid in the oven, you think she's gonna have a little burn mark?" asked May as he spoke to reporters shortly after his release from the Volusia County Jail on Friday.

Deputies and forensic investigators said May put the child in an oven, burned her and beat her with a belt.

"They charged me like I'm a real life baby beater, and you can't get no one to say I would ever harm a child," May said.

He said the injuries must have happened after he returned the girl to her mother.  However, Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood said there is probable cause for May's arrest, publicly calling him a "scum bag."

"Until a judge and jury says he's not guilty, he's a scum bag. Take it to the bank," the sheriff added.

May said the toddler has an infection on her scalp that could have spread to her ear -- something he said didn't happen when the toddler was staying with him.

Deputies issued a warrant for May this week. May turned himself in on Thursday night at the Volusia County Jail.  He bonded out overnight, and said he will fight these charges.

"Me harming a kid? No way. Never. Nobody can ever say that."

Sheriff Chitwood said, "The evidence takes us, and probable cause, that these horrific things happened to that little girl. The ball is in his court, lets see what's going to happen."