Christmas at the beach: Cold front keeps crowds away

There were a minimal amount of people at the beaches in Volusia County as a cold front moved in dropping temperatures on Christmas Day.

Captain Tamra Malphurs with Beach Patrol said holiday weekends are typically busier; however, it all depends on the weather.

"It’s always weather dependent, so with this cold front that moved through and this chilly weather, there’s not a lot of people out there, definitely not a lot of people in the water at all," she said.

Cpt. Malphurs said she expects Saturday and Sunday to be busier, but Friday mostly quick visitors. "People are out there walking but people don’t stay very long when it’s cold like this," she said.

Despite the cold weather, the clear skies made for picture-perfect memories.

For Crystal Chandler and Chris Turner, it’s a Christmas tradition to visit the beach.

"Peace beauty... it’s just a more natural place to end up if you’re in Florida just go to the beach," they said.

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