Cranking up the heat tonight? Read these common heating myths first

Before you crank up the heat ahead of the big cold front that just came through Central Florida, we asked Bill Healy, a design consultant with Ellington AC and Heat in Rockledge, to bust some common heating myths 

Myth #1: Using several space heaters is more efficient than using your central heating system.

A small space heater can use as much as 13 to 14 amps of electricity. That means if you have two space heaters running, more electricity is being used than the roughly 20 amps used by an average 5kw central heating strip found in a typical 1,200 to 1,500 square foot home.

Myth #2: The higher you turn up your thermostat, the faster it will heat your home.

Not true. You can adjust your thermostat one or two degrees to the temperature where you feel comfortable, and the unit will run as long as it needs to to get to those two degrees. Setting it ten degrees higher will not speed up the heating of the home.

Myth #3: Ceiling fans are only for summertime.

Not the case. Running the ceiling fan in the traditional manner pulls the warm air from the ceiling down below and helps to circulate it around the room. As a result, your will be in contact with more of the warm air.

Watch the video to learn more heating tips from Ellington Heat and AC.