Creepy clowns arrested in Ocala

An Ocala teenager and his mother are afraid after two men robbed him at gunpoint last week.  The victim's mother, named Megan, said she can't believe what happened to her teenage son.

"That's not something a mother wants to hear, that's' for sure," she said.

A gun was pointed at her teenage son, she said, by a guy wearing a clown mask. Now, she is scared of what might happen next

"It could be retaliation," she explained. "It could then become targeted."

Police said the weapon was a pellet gun, but the fear Megan experienced was too real.

"I'm scared," she said. "It's very frustrating. It's sad. We're both very angry that it happened."

Ocala police said 18-year-old's Lil'Derricyhan Jackson and Dajour Hutchinson were arrested Monday, and tey each face felonies in connection with the robbery.

Ocala police say the victim was walking his dog along SE 15th street last Tuesday. A car stopped beside him, made a u-turn, and stopped beside him again.  The passenger pointed a gun and told him to hand over his wallet, or they'd shoot him.  Police said the two got away with $40. The whole time, the driver was wearing a white clown mask with red hair

"That's kind of the crazy thing," Meghan explained, "because of this new trend that people are using clown masks to threaten or hurt or harm other people."

"He was out walking his dog, so we pretty well believe it was random," said Sgt. Cynthia Barnes, with the Ocala Police Department.

Megan's glad her son is physically okay but says they are both shaken by the incident.

"I'm thankful to God he's okay," she said

Police said a robbery involving some sort of mask has happened at least one other time before.