Hurricane Idalia recovery: Crystal River residents, businesses struggle with flooding

In Crystal River, Florida many residents and business owners are dealing with rising floodwaters from Hurricane Idalia. Certain areas looked desolate, as the whole town remained underwater.

Deputies spent Wednesday rescuing people from their flooded homes using airboats and high-water rescue vehicles. 

"It’s pretty tense," said business owner Justin Paquette, adding that it was tough losing money as the streets flooded. "I don’t know if we’re going to be open tomorrow, but Friday for sure."

On Citrus Ave. a car was submerged. It’s parked in a ditch. Deputies were parked at the end of the road to prevent any traffic from coming through.

Quincy Allen says his car stalled out in the flood water. 

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"If it’s totaled it’s totaled. Maybe the insurance will come help us out," Allen said.

Power crews also braved the floods trying to get to their destination. As levels start to go down, Paquette, wondered if he’ll be able to open soon.

"It always sucks to lose a little bit of business but as long as everyone stays home, and they’re safe," he said.

Deputies were warning residents not to drive in the water because it’s dangerous.