CVS receipt-themed scarves turn long-running joke into fashionable reality

Receiving a human-length receipt at a local CVS has become the norm and is a phenomenon at the center of many memes poking fun at the company for the absurdity. 

Now, consumers can purchase scarves on Etsy that mimic the preposterously long paper trail featuring CVS coupons and barcodes. 

One Etsy shop titled “StuffUhaveTheyWant," which offers a handful of other novelty items, is selling the handmade scarves for $19.95.


The CVS scarf mimics the ridiculously long receipt featuring coupons and barcodes.

The shop currently has five stars and hundreds of customers raving about the item, which has completely nailed a long-standing joke. 

In 2013, CVS announced that they would reduce the size of their receipts by 25 percent, but that didn’t stop the internet from trolling the company.

One person even tweeted a photo from last year showcasing a 5-foot-long CVS receipt. 

While hundreds of people have mocked CVS, these new scarves have become an instant hit. 

One customer even wrote a review raving about the product, saying she purchased the scarf for her husband, who works at a CVS. 

“I found out about it less than a week before Christmas, and paid for the express shipping,” she wrote. “It was a HIT! My husband loved it and can't wait to show it to his co-workers.”