Daytona Beach iconic sign removed during 10 month improvement project

Starting June 10, access to Daytona Beach by International Speedway Boulevard will be closed for a major ramp improvement project expected to last approximately 10 months. Volusia County is leading the project, which will see significant upgrades to the ramp and is set to be completed in spring 2025.

The closure of State Road A1A will require the temporary shutdown of the ramp's toll booth operations, showers, and restrooms. However, pedestrian access to the beach and nearby businesses will continue on the sidewalk on the north side of the ramp. Portable toilets will be provided on the beach during the construction period.

Key components of the beach ramp improvement plan include:

  • Additional Parking Spaces: To accommodate more visitors.
  • Expanded Landscaping: Featuring Florida native plants.
  • New Restroom Facilities: Improved and moved westward to protect from ocean tides.
  • Utility Enhancements: Upgrades to essential services.
  • New Bike Racks: To support cycling visitors.
  • Sidewalk and Lighting Upgrades: Enhancing safety and accessibility.

The iconic "World’s Most Famous Beach" sign will be temporarily removed and stored to avoid damage during construction. However, it will be reinstalled a little west of its original location, with lighting adjustments to accommodate the sea turtle ordinance while providing light for those enjoying the area. 

The city of Daytona Beach and the Florida Department of Transportation are leading this ramp project. This 18-month, $30 million project, which began early last year, aims to transform the city’s main gateway to the beach.

Key improvements to the nearly one-mile stretch of East ISB between the Halifax River bridge and State Road A1A include:

  • Wider Traffic Lanes: Enhancing traffic flow on the four-lane road.
  • Bicycle Lanes: 5-foot-wide lanes between the bridge and Halifax Avenue.
  • Sidewalk Expansion: A 6-foot-wide sidewalk westbound and a 10-foot-wide sidewalk eastbound.
  • Dedicated Turning Lanes: For improved traffic management at key intersections.
  • Enhanced Crosswalks: At Halifax and Grandview avenues.
  • Raised Median with Landscaping: Adding aesthetic and functional value.
  • Upgraded Traffic Signals: At Halifax Avenue, Peninsula Drive, Grandview Avenue, and A1A.

These improvements aim to provide a safer, more efficient, and visually appealing route for both motor and pedestrian traffic, reinforcing Daytona Beach’s status as a premier vacation destination.