Deputies chase burglary suspect into home

Imagine being home at your house with your 81-year-old mother and her caretaker, and having no idea that a man on the run from police had sneaked into your house until deputies came barging in. 

The Seminole County Sheriffs Office tell FOX 35 that red sports car suspiciously sped by deputies.  When SCSO tried to pull the car over, the driver wouldn't stop.  Video captured by the department's helicopter shows the driver steering around stop sticks, making a u-turn across a median, and moments later driving right into oncoming traffic.   The madness doesn't end until the driver hits some trees. Deputies say he tried to force his way into one house and failed.

From the SCSO helicopter you can see as the suspect runs into Casselberry family's open garage.  What you can't see is suspect Kelvin Johnson sneaking into the family's home.  Deputies knock on the door, the family tells the deputy that it's just three of them inside.  Confused, you can see the homeowner from the helicopter as he walks outside.  Then minutes later,  deputies were back.  "She didn't knock the second time. She entered with her gun drawn with the other 7 or 8 behind her," said Allan Robertson.  Deputies found Kelvin Johnson hiding behind a pocket door off of Richardson's kitchen.  Johnson was arrested in the home.

He's charged with burglary of an armed, dwelling, fleeing and eluding and possession of cocaine with intent to sell.  Johnson is being held on no bond after the state attorney told the judge that he was out of bond on similar charges at the time of his arrest yesterday.