Deputies investigate after jail window cracked

Deputies assigned to the Lake County Detention Center are investigating after they discovered a broken window in the facility's maximum security housing area.  The cracked window was discovered while deputies were conducting perimeter checks outside the jail on Wednesday morning.

Detention staff believe someone in the cell had used a wooden-handled broom to break the window.  They also discovered bed sheets tied together in an apparent escape attempt.   Three inmates occupied the cell in question, two of whom are being held on murder charges.

"That's a very secure facility. Had they even been able to break through that class -- which I don't think they would have been able to do -- but even if they had been able to break through it, there's still a steel bar in the window," explaind Lt. John Harrell, with the Lake County Sheriff's Offce, "and not only that, the grassy area outside the window was a secure area -- secured by a chain link fence with razor wire on top. So they still had a very long ways to go."

Detectives are investigating the incident and there may be charges.

"We don't know just yet how many are going to be charged," said Lt. Harrell.  "We are also going to take a look at it administratively, from a policy and procedural standpoint, just to cover that avenue to see if there are any policies or procedures that need to be tweaked."