Man accused of trying to lure Orlando boy says he was going to take him to school, deputies say

A man accused of trying to kidnap a boy in Orlando as he was walking to school is waking up in his own bed on Thursday after posting bond. 

Vinh Nguyen, 37, walked to a car that was waiting to pick him up and did not respond to questions from reporters. 

Nguyen is charged with false imprisonment, luring or enticing a child, and battery. He was released from jail on $3,250 bond.

Nguyen was allegedly recorded on surveillance video on Monday walking up to the boy, putting his arms on the boy's shoulders, touching his face, and then calling him "cute," according to the arrest report.

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According to a police report, Nguyen told deputies that the boy reminded him of his brother who reportedly died years earlier. He also reportedly said that he did not understand why what he did was wrong.

When asked what he would have done if the child got into his vehicle, the man told deputies that he would have given the boy a ride to school, the report stated.

Authorities are concerned that there may be more victims. Another parent told deputies that the man allegedly walked up to a 13-year-old child last year and offered that child a ride to school.


Neighbors described the man as quiet and someone who kept to himself.

"That was very shocking," said neighbor Joseph Dancy, "because like I said, he stayed to himself. That's it."

Orlando attorney Whitney Boan reminds the public that not everything is always as it appears. 

"Just cause it hits us in a creepy spot doesn't mean that it always adds up to a crime or it adds up to crime at the level that is consistent or equal to the amount of creepiness that we would suspect based on facts that are put before us."

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