Deputies say frustrated man intentionally caused crash

Authorities on Tuesday released a 911 recording in traffic crash.  Deputies said the caller is Bruce Homer, and he is the man responsible for the wreck.

Homer told a 911 operator, "Something happened, and I kept telling you people it was gonna happen for years and years and years and nobody wants to listen to me."

"Evidently, he has a problem with what he calls the traffic at that intersection," explained Lake County Sergeant Fred Jones.

Deputies said Homer was waiting for an SUV to roll through a stop sign, then he drove into the path of the vehicle, causing the crash and the SUV's airbags to deploy.

Sgt. Jones said, "It could have been more serious than that. That's why pretty much you have 3-to-5-thousand-pound weapon in your hand that you're using and that's what he did and that's what makes that so dangerous."

Homer told a 911 operator that he tried getting police involved for months.
Dispatch operators said they have no record of those phone calls.

Deputies said they have no record of accidents at this intersection, but deputies have ticketed people here nearly 70 times in the past year.

Deputies said, in 2015, Homer called 911 and said someone was speeding through his neighborhood. When asked if he wanted a deputy, he told them he would "take care of it himself."