Deputies say stolen dog returned to owners

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Volusia County deputies say a Deltona dog theft was caught on camera. 

Danielle Kruid, the dog’s owner, says she saw what happened after her dog disappeared and she reviewed surveillance video from outside her home. 

“I witnessed her coaxing my dog with treats, petting her, everything else. And then eventually, she took off her shock collar, put a leash on her and off she walks with my dog,” Kruid said. 

Kruid explained that she let her dog Reba out for a few minutes Tuesday afternoon and when she went to bring her back inside she yelled, but the dog didn’t appear. 

The Volusia County woman says she immediately knew something was wrong. The yard has an electric fence and Reba was wearing a shock collar. Kruid says even without the collar, the 8-year-old dog knows not to leave. That’s when she decided to check the security cameras. 

“Heartbroken, heartache, my stomach went to my throat,” she said. 

The video shows someone with her dog. It shows the two of them walking away. Kruid says she called the sheriff’s office and posted the video to social media. 

“People were immediately like, ‘I think that looks like this person. I think that looks like her.’” Kruid said about the online comments. 

Investigators say the online tips helped lead them to an 11-year-old girl. 

According to an arrest affidavit, she initially told the deputies that she found the dog near her home. But when they told her about the evidence, she said she took Reba because she loves animals. The young girl is being charged with grand theft. Reba was returned home. 

“When she came out of the car, of course I just started balling,” Kruid said. “Elated that it was her, that she was safe.” 

The family says they had Reba get checked out at the vet and she’s doing well.