Detectives working to ID 2 sets of human remains in Marion County

Two sets of human remains were found in Marion County in the last few days. Investigators are still working to figure out who they are.  

After receiving a tip Thursday, Marion County Sheriff’s Office investigators found a man’s body buried in a grave, Friday, along Forest Road 50 in the Ocala National Forest.  "It’s a very isolated area,” said Lieutenant Ryan Robbins, with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. “That person would’ve been brought there deliberately. That’s part of the investigation."

Then, on Sunday, a hunter said he found human remains --  including a skull, bone, and clothing -- in the Cross Florida Greenway in Ocala. "We do have preliminary information on both cases that would indicate that these are not related at all,” Robbins added. “It’s just very unusual that we should find human remains so close together."

Though very unusual, right now it isn’t known if the deaths are suspicious. The big question investigators are working to answer is, "What happened to both people?"

Investigators said they want to quell rumors or fears of Central Floridians being in danger.  "People may jump to conclusions that there’s some type of crime going on, putting people in danger,” Lt, Robbins explained. “That’s not the case at this point."

The Medical Examiner is working to identify both sets of human remains.