Device helped accused Las Vegas shooter fire bullets faster

The sounds of the bullets still plays out in victims' minds.  Accused Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock is said to have fired hundreds of shots into the crowd below in a matter of minutes -- investigators estimate about nine rounds a second.

Police say he had Bump Stock Devices on two of his guns.  They allow guns to release bullets much faster.
For less than 200 dollars, you can find them online and in stores.

While Bump Stock Devices are legal in Florida, many many gun dealers won't sell them, like the owners of Bucks' Gun Rack in Daytona Beach.

"People are pushing the envelope trying to get the same effect as a full auto gun skirting the very edge of what's legally acceptable and we chose not to do that," said gun shop go-Owner Forrest Buckwald

Buckwald says if you want an automatic, you can follow the rules and buy the automatic guns through the federal process.

"Fully automatic weapons require a federal license tax stamp.  They are legal if you go through the six-month-to-a-year process to possess one.  I just don't know what motivates people to buy a bump fire, probably because they don't wish to purchase and go through the process for a legal fully automatic weapon," he added.