Device uses UV light to fight spread of germs and viruses, such as COVID-19

CEO of Violet Defense, Terrance Berland, said on Wednesday that his company’s product could cut down on the spread of the coronavirus. 

Their machine uses ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) light to kill bacteria, germs, and viruses like the coronavirus.

FOX 35 News first heard about this technology in 2018 when the company’s founder Mark Nathan explained that he created the device after getting frustrated with constantly getting sick during frequent air travel. 

Fast forward to today and Violet Defense is now in hospitals, universities, public schools, and assisted living facilities nationwide.  They even have a partnership with the Orlando Magic. The germ-fighting technology already has been tested on the Norovirus, and it proved to be 99.99 percent effective, the company says.

“Actually, even ebola is an easy virus to kill for UV,” Said Berland.

The UV machines Violet Defense sells should not be used on your hands or body. It is just to clean surfaces.  For more information, head to